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Famous World Destinations Inspire Late Summer Wedding Colors.

Nature, landscapes, fashion, food and the variety of cultural traditions the world presents are the color palettes you can draw from when it comes to late summer weddings., landscapes, fashion, food and the variety of cut flowers. Here are 3 famous world destinations with which to draw inspiration:

1. MOROCCO - Vibrant cobalts of the Jardin Marjorelle and clear sky blues serve as a backdrop for turmeric-toned carnations, golden ochre, shades of fuchsia, bright spices and rich orange hues, capped off with metallic touches. Merge these warm pops with natural blues and greens for a palette that feels adventurous, but works in harmony.

2. PROVENCE - While the ease and rusticity of the south of France puts soft neutrals and pastels on the brain, the floral abundance of this region is far bolder. Fields of lavender and sunflowers abound here, and bright citrus sits alongside crates of neutral-toned mushrooms, eggs and fresh breads in the market, all accented by leafy greens and butter in its most natural shade.

Also pair the most controversial of the color wheel's complements, shades of yellow and violet, together; then, accent with white, charcoal and shades of beige for a look that's unexpected and fresh for an outdoor, garden or countryside affair.

3. FLORENCE - Meet the modern-day-minimalist's palette. This array of ivories, soft shades of grey, black, and hints of blush is the update on that all-too-expected blush-and-gold palette we simply never want to see again. While Florentine décor brings deep-toned velvets, mustard tassels and gold gilding to mind, the streets of this romantic city tell a different story. Against all that stonework colored in oatmeal, beige, dove and steel-y grey are hints of Carrera marble in black and white, paired with the pale yellows and soft pinks from the fresco work in the ceilings overhead. Using this array of light warm and cool tones together and cap that combo off with hits of black for the cool girl's way to host a summer affair.

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