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Why Brides Go RUSTIC!

1. They want an intimate affair. It all comes down to unique ways that a rustic touch can create intimate moments; ones that pay homage to the couple’s relationship story.

2. They prefer a more relaxed, yet detailed look. Personalizing a cookie-cutter, traditional wedding gets expensive and very cliché quickly; rustic DIY’s add character and personality on your budget.

3. They can add their own personal touches.Thanks to tools like Pinterest, brides can see what other brides all over the country are doing with their wedding.

4. It reflects the past without being old. Many of today’s generation of brides and grooms want to show their unique characteristics at weddings and don’t feel the need to be traditional. A new trend of “rustic-glam” mixes elements from both and incorporates the best of both worlds.

5. They desire a wedding that feels warm and welcoming. Walking up to what feels like your own backyard, yet with comfortable seating and plenty of accommodations puts guests at ease quickly.

6. They want a venue that values family, friends, and is kid-friendly. A friendly, outdoor venue invites everyone of all ages to enjoy the celebration. It eliminates the worries of confined spaces, spills, and believing all has to be perfect.

7. They love the outdoors and appreciate nature’s beauty. There is something about celebrating in the spacious outdoors, with nature’s color palette and in the fresh air which expresses a true love for each other and wedding guests.

8. They are often animal lovers and appreciate a farm setting. Many rustic venues are located on family farms where pets have a place in the celebration.

9. Ability to play games and let loose. Wanting more than just dancing? Rustic venues allow for lawn games, kids can play tag and the wide open space allows for more freedom.

10. Because they are the antithesis of the digital, retouched and fast-paced world. Rustic details remind us to break from today’s the air-brushed and filtered illusions.

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