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Think Lace and Romance.

Welcome to 2018! We are so beyond excited for this year. The Hydrangea Blu Team has incredible projects and dreams for this year and most of all, we are thrilled to get to know our couples better.

Today we're kicking things off with a dose of femininity. Think lace, subtle palette, delicate flowers. Spring is all about combing soft, but lush floral, creating a romantic and refined setting. Table settings were balanced with delicate colors and a variety of texture showcased within the floral arrangements. Oftentimes purple can be viewed as harsh and one dimensional, so we aimed to create a subtle palette of lavender, mauve, and dusty rose with ivory and golden touches.

Our location provides a natural and serene backdrop adding to the simplicity of the textures and colors. Each element contributes to the pure and serene concept.


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